Message from Lee Steadman, Director of BLOOM: 

All Bloom classes are closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). We miss our creative community gathering here and still believe strongly in the positive effects that art has on our health. Draw, paint or create however you can on your own till this passes. It will help you stay calm and focused on the positive.  We cannot wait to see what beautiful creations you’ve made on your own time!

Stay Creative at Home!

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Mission and Vision

BLOOM Mission

BLOOM Collaborative is a healing arts center and community outreach program of Stairways Behavioral Health that uses the arts to improve the mental health of our participants. By sharing the experience of creativity, and a beautiful trusting environment, we make dynamic and positive change in the individuals and in turn our community.

BLOOM Vision

Our Vision offers a holistic approach to wellness by recognizing the healing power of creativity, mindfulness, and environment. Through art classes, gardening, and community collaborations, we provide a creative wellness campus focused on your well-being.

BLOOM’s programs may be a supportive and understanding first step in cultivating new habits, behaviors, learning skills, connecting with the world in different ways all of which help participants find more meaning and feel more fullness in their lives. The potential for growth and flourishing exists within everyone!

BLOOM Collaborative is a region-wide effort that infuses personal lives, professional endeavors and our neighborhoods with energy, joy, inspiration and the nourishment needed to BLOOM!


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