Message from Lee Steadman, Director of BLOOM: 

All Bloom classes are closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). We miss our creative community gathering here and still believe strongly in the positive effects that art has on our health. Draw, paint or create however you can on your own till this passes. It will help you stay calm and focused on the positive.  We cannot wait to see what beautiful creations you’ve made on your own time!

Stay Creative at Home!

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Partner With Us

Partner with BLOOM


Many programs have been designed to meet the needs of those in Stairways and the broader community that need healing arts the most.


BLOOM currently designs, hosts and instructs creative healing programs for over 25 organizations and local non-profits. BLOOM realizes that people from all walks of life are in need of a place to grow, heal and recover. Rather than trying to start from scratch and begin your own arts program, take advantage of our excellent facilities, staff and creative knowledge.

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Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Stairways Behavioral health and BLOOM continue to provide for the mental health needs for those battling addiction. BLOOM’s art experiences are used to improve outlooks and reinforce new and positive behaviors.

New Americans

BLOOM along with the House of Mercy and Urban Erie Community Development Corporation, brought together women who were New Americans. This clay class was specifically designed for women who are new to our country. Creating in clay allows this group to socialize, create and learn about other people new to our region.

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BLOOM works closely with the VA Hospital to ensure that we meet the needs of their demographic, including spouses, caregivers, significant others as well as wounded veterans and also those suffering from PTSD. We offer arts, yoga, and clay classes that are specifically developed for Veterans. BLOOM is focused on taking care of those that have given so much.

Some organizations BLOOM has partnered with in the past include:

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