Message from Lee Steadman, Director of BLOOM: 

All Bloom classes are closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). We miss our creative community gathering here and still believe strongly in the positive effects that art has on our health. Draw, paint or create however you can on your own till this passes. It will help you stay calm and focused on the positive.  We cannot wait to see what beautiful creations you’ve made on your own time!

Stay Creative at Home!

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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building at BLOOM

BLOOM Collaborative is dedicated to promoting physical, emotional and community wellness for the people and city of Erie and surrounding communities. Programs can be customized for specific groups, team building, and your goals. It is amazing what can be achieved with a team of colleagues guided by a professional instructor in a friendly and inviting manner.

The arts can teach teams to trust each other and themselves (and it’s fun). Murals, glass installations and much more can be accomplished in a remarkably small amount of time. Our programs, classes and initiatives are for individuals and families, local groups and organizations, as well as businesses of all kinds.

Almost all of our arts classes can be adapted for team building exercises. Want more details?

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