Future Plans

Generous foundation grants and private donors, who believe in the BLOOM Collaborative as a catalyst for change, have endorsed this plan that will transform our 5-acre campus into a vibrant community gathering place with a full menu of wellness activities to encourage not only our clients and their families, but also our clinicians to think beyond disease and more about possibilities. Here, we will enter into partnerships with other like-minded organizations. Once fully actualized, this campus will serve thousands of people annually from the neighborhood and the broader community in new ways – providing mental well-being for all.









This will be a place where limitations will invite a conversation around ingenuity and creativity - where the desire to achieve will always trump the inevitable obstacles on the road to success - where the journey matters more than the final destination. This will be the place where hope prevails – where we will see not only individual lives transformed, but our neighborhood, our beloved community, and our own organization.

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